DEED: 1.German technology; 2. Take morality first; 3. Matching with Germany

DEED: 1. Industry, contract; 2. Inside Equals Outside

1.DEED. The pronunciation of the first syllable refers to the place where the flower and fruit grows, that is, the root of the flower and fruit, and the idioms are like things will be easily settled when conditions are OK. The meaning is "from German technology." The extended homophonic is "matching"; The pronunciation of the second syllable refers to morality. The concept of employing people on behalf of the company is to be ethical . The extension means “German quality”. The meaning of the two words, first is that "from German technology, to create German quality", and second, "through continuous efforts and improvement, to create products that can rival or even catch up with Germany."

2.DEED. The translation is “behavior” and “contract”, which means “the company will provide users with high-performance and reliable products with uncompromising spirit of contract, and provide all-round solutions to relieve worries for customers. No empty words and set words. This word is also in a symmetrical form, which means that the company will provide customers with all aspects of pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.